Why Walks Are Vital For A Dog

Walks are a physical and psychological need for a dog and will often result in eliminating any unwanted behaviours.

If your dog is exhibiting any unwanted behaviours the first question you should ask yourself is whether they are getting enough exercise, mental stimulation and socialisation with other dogs.

A back garden is not enough. Dogs are not able to entertain themselves and whilst you might think they’re happy to sleep, this is often the case simply because they are bored and have nothing else to do – after all, if you were locked in the same space each day for up to 10 hours wouldn’t you end up sleeping or going a little crazy. So if he spends hours alone each day, it’s unfair to expect him to behave in the well-mannered way, calm way you want when you come home from a hard days work.

Some of the behavioural problems you’ll notice in a dog that is not walked enough can be: digging, chewing, boredom barking, obsessive compulsive behaviours, over excitement, panting or pacing, separation anxiety and generally exhibiting most destructive behaviours.

As their owner it’s your responsibility to walk your dog daily and give them the structure they need for a balanced mind. The walk will also provide you with the time to reinforce any training commands and ensure they socialise with other dogs, understand their body language and continue to know how to meet and greet both dogs and people.

An unstable dog is not a happy dog and excitement in a dog is not a sign that your dog is happy. In many cases it simply is a sign that the dog is not stable mentally and needs additional stimulation. .

So, as a final note walking your dog is not a ‘nice to have’ for it but a necessityfor its mental and physical wellbeing. Commit to understanding what your breed of dog needs in terms of exercise and mental stimulation and if you don’t have the time to walk them, give me or another local dog walker a call!

If you’d like me to work with you and your dog as your dog walker I cover Thirsk, Northallerton & surrounding areas.