What diseases do ticks transmit to dogs?

What diseases do ticks transmit to dogs? Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to dogs, attracted by the warmth and motion and then feed on their blood and thus transmit diseases directly into the dog’s system. The most important thing is to remove the whole tick, particularly its head as quickly as possible. 1.      Lyme disease – this is an infection caused by the bacteria a tick carries called Borrelia burgdorferi and is carried by the deer tick. The tick {Read More}

Dog Training – Discipline & Obedience Training Tips

In the Oxford dictionary discipline is described in part as: The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. In essence, discipline for a dog means to learn from their leader what the rules and boundaries are and ultimately to follow their leader by using self-control to stay within them. What discipline doesn’t mean is punishment. While the dictionary says ‘using punishment to correct disobedience’ a dog should not be punished, {Read More}

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

If you’re a new dog owner you may be wondering how much exercise your dog needs and how long or how often you should walk your dog? Firstly, if you have a puppy make sure they are fully vaccinated before taking them out on walks. However it’s also vital in the first 5-12 week period of their life to socialise them with as many Well-mannered  dogs, pets and people as possible so be sure to have as many people over {Read More}

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise

I believe that enough quality exercise is the most important thing you can give to your dog and everything else will follow on from this. Their ability to focus and follow any training and discipline will be clear as their excess energy will be drained and they’ll be willing to work for you. Once they’ve had enough exercise they’ll be more than happy to settle down and sleep well leaving you to get on with whatever you need to. It’s {Read More}

Dog Walkers Tips To Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead?

Loose leash walking can be one of the hardest things to teach a dog as it’s not a very natural behaviour. This is why you see so many people being ‘taken’ for a walk as they’ve either not tried it or given up after a few weeks. So before starting out its worth remembering that it is going to take time (months or even years) to get right and it will be hard on you and your dog, but persistence {Read More}

3 Top Tips to a Great Dog Walk

You may think that walking a dog is a piece of cake. For some owners it is, but for those who have a dog that gets over-excited, pulls, barks, lunges or is aggressive to other dogs it meets, a simple dog walk can turn into a regular ordeal. This often can lead to the dog getting fewer or shorter walks, not enough exercise and the problem spirals. So, here are my top 3 tips for creating a calmer, safe more {Read More}