How To Communicate Effectively With Your Dog

I’ve recently been reading ‘How To Speak Dog’ by Stanley Coren which I can recommend.

In it he demonstrates that the average dog can understand words at about the level of a human two year old.

We all know communication is vital in our relationships, and this is no different between us and our dogs. Dogs and humans use constant energy to communicate together, whether we realise it or not. It’s important therefore to remember that this is the main way our messages are getting across to our dogs.

As the leader , your energy should be calm and assertive and in return your dog will be happy in the knowledge that he’s safe with you and will offer the same back.

A dog will be looking at your body language; how you carry yourself as well as listening for the tone in your voice. Stand tall, and walk as though you’re in charge. If a situation arises that makes you feel nervous, take deep breaths and relax as much as possible. Remember he’ll be looking to you for the signal that everything is OK so you must walk with purpose. Avoid comforting him like a child if something worries him as whilst this is a natural human response, for a dog this only reinforces the fear that something is wrong. Keep quiet and calm and lead the way.

The main problems I see arising with poor communication are when people are too tired or stressed from work and don’t have enough time to train or exercise their dog. The right balance can only be achieved when your dog’s physical and emotional needs are being met.

So if you’re too busy at work, ask me! I cover Thirsk, Northallerton and surrounding areas or find a dog walker near you to walk your dog each day. Find the time to take your dog to training classes and learn what your body language and signals are saying to them, you may be surprised – I know I was!