Feeding and Fussing Home Visits

If you are going away and need someone to stop by once or twice a day to give your pet some feeding and fussing then this is the service for you.

During the time I am at your house I will give them the food and attention they need. I am also happy to tend to any other household requirements such as picking up the post and watering plants etc.

This is great for:

  • When you want to go out for the day or are away on holiday
  • Older dogs who just need to go out in the garden to relieve themselves or just like a short walk up the road
  • Puppies or cats who need extra care and attention
  • Pets who need medication at certain times
  • Times when you need to work late
  • When you have an illness and need some extra help with your pets
Home Visits 30 minutes


Pet Sitting 1 hour stay


Pet Sitting up to 3 hours