How To Combat Stress, Anxiety & Aggression In Your Dog

All of us, our dogs included, suffer stress at differing times of our lives. The effect it has on our dogs is such that it causes them to react deciding whether they need to fight, freeze or flight. That is, fight to make the problem go away, freeze and hope the problem goes away or flight and run away from the problem. Dogs learn a powerful set of body language postures as they grow up which help them interact with {Read More}

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

If you’re a new dog owner you may be wondering how much exercise your dog needs and how long or how often you should walk your dog? Firstly, if you have a puppy make sure they are fully vaccinated before taking them out on walks. However it’s also vital in the first 5-12 week period of their life to socialise them with as many Well-mannered  dogs, pets and people as possible so be sure to have as many people over {Read More}

5 Top Tips For Dog Recall

Getting your dog to come back to you every time is vital for a safe and happy walk. In practice however, it’s never that simple. Here are some of my tops tips as a dog walker… 1. Be calm and happy. Recall should be an exciting activity for your dog – after all, coming back to you needs to offer them more than running towards another dog, chasing a rabbit or sniffing. Dog’s don’t rationalise like us humans and are NOT {Read More}

Tips On How To Habituate Your Puppy

Habituation is getting a dog used to something by repeatedly exposing it to the stimulus until it no longer provokes a reaction. Here are some tips on how to habituate your new puppy: Get your puppy used to travelling in cars as well as any public transport you’re likely to use so it becomes accustomed to the noises and sensation the car, train or bus makes. Reward him with a treat when he is calm, but if he is anxious {Read More}

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise

I believe that enough quality exercise is the most important thing you can give to your dog and everything else will follow on from this. Their ability to focus and follow any training and discipline will be clear as their excess energy will be drained and they’ll be willing to work for you. Once they’ve had enough exercise they’ll be more than happy to settle down and sleep well leaving you to get on with whatever you need to. It’s {Read More}

How To Communicate Effectively With Your Dog

I’ve recently been reading ‘How To Speak Dog’ by Stanley Coren which I can recommend. In it he demonstrates that the average dog can understand words at about the level of a human two year old. We all know communication is vital in our relationships, and this is no different between us and our dogs. Dogs and humans use constant energy to communicate together, whether we realise it or not. It’s important therefore to remember that this is the main {Read More}

3 Top Tips to a Great Dog Walk

You may think that walking a dog is a piece of cake. For some owners it is, but for those who have a dog that gets over-excited, pulls, barks, lunges or is aggressive to other dogs it meets, a simple dog walk can turn into a regular ordeal. This often can lead to the dog getting fewer or shorter walks, not enough exercise and the problem spirals. So, here are my top 3 tips for creating a calmer, safe more {Read More}